The Rocking Horse Winner By Dh Lewrence And The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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The power of fiction to transport a reader into a different time, place or quest carries the human imagination like a magic carpet to worlds unknown. “Human beings love stories. We put them everywhere-not only in books, films, and plays, but also in songs, news articles, cartoons, and video games.” (Kennedy, Gioia 2013) Not only is fiction used to expand the imagination, but fiction can also be used as a vehicle of expression for the human heart to communicate emotions, principles and problems that we often encounter as created beings. For example, “The Rocking-Horse Winner” by DH Lewrence and “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson both show that success and happiness in life boils down to winning or losing. (Kennedy X.J. & Gioia D., 2013) “The Rocking-Horse Winner” begins and ends with the idea of having “luck” as a means of attaining wealth. (Kennedy & Gioia, 2013) Paul’s pursuit of wealth throughout the story draws the reader in as his porpose is to make a better life for his family, in that context the story shares a sense of nobility. It seems to cause the reader to root for Paul’s success because his motive seems honorable. “The Lottery” on the other hand has an heir of mystery as the story unfolds around a community of families who live under a system of dread as people are chosen at random to suffer death by stoning. The story comes to a screeching halt as the reader discovers the fate of the unlucky person. Both works of fiction draw the reader into the lives of…

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