I Should Become A Teacher Essay

733 Words Jan 21st, 2016 3 Pages
The first time someone suggested that I should become a teacher I was both surprised and skeptical. But after giving the suggestion some thought, I came to realize that in many ways God had already been preparing me to teach long before anyone had even made such a suggestion. Throughout my years in school, God had provided me with numerous experiences and mentors that helped prepare me to embrace God’s calling for me to become a distinctly Christian agriculture educator with unique personal qualities and high expectations for the future. During my high school career, I was blessed with several mentors who encouraged and supported me in my goal of becoming and Ag teacher. Perhaps the most influential person was my high school Ag teacher. After watching him give lectures, prepare students for contests, and lead discussions for four years, I began to admire his passion and dedication to his work and the incredible love he had for his students. I wanted my occupation to have meaning and the capacity to affect others in a positive way. Not only does becoming an Ag teacher accomplish this goal, but it also allows me to remain connected to my favorite subject—agriculture. In addition to my Ag teacher, several of my employers also encouraged me to become a teacher. For example, my senior year of high school I worked at my local YMCA teaching swim lessons to children pre-school age to fifth grade. Even though I was slightly uncomfortable working with younger kids, I worked…

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