I Remembered When I Got At My School Essay

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I remembered when I looked at my schedule in August and I saw this class, I was nervous because I’m not that good at writing or expressing my ideas on papers. My grammars are really bad too. I thought that I would have a lot of trouble with this class, because I had some bad experience in my English class from high school. But when I met Lauren, she was a lot different than what I thought. She was nice, friendly, and I can tell from the first class that she’s a fun and understandable person. The way she talk and communicate with students is very friendly. Anyway, first I wanted to said that you shouldn’t be too stressful about this class, just relax and do your best. Of course there will be a lot of writing, and reading in this class. So be prepare for that. This class will include many reading articles, book chapters, some videos, and different topics are cover at a time. There will be a warm up writing almost every morning, and that warm up writing will be count for your attendance. Usually Lauren will give you a couple minutes to write down your thoughts for the topic that she selected for the day. She will also play pandora classical music, and I found this really different but awesome because it did help me focus. Then there will be a class discussion about the reading from the class before. Usually there will always be a reading assignments you have to read to prepare for the next class. So make sure you read everything that is assigned so you will be able to be…

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