I Never Knew How Much Strength I Had Inside Of Me Essays

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I never knew how much strength I had inside of me as a young man, until it was tested beyond belief. During the test I created some lifelong alliances outside of my family that I like to call “Brotherhood”. The Brotherhood consisted of protecting one another and standing up for what we believed in no matter what.

I remember that first day like it was yesterday, even though it was 19yrs ago. It was night time and very cold, I could see my breath I remember asking myself how I could see my breath at night in Texas. Wasn’t Texas supposed to be hot? “YOU COLD BOY?” a loud voice asked as 20 to 30 young men jump immediately. “No sir” we responded. “SO YOU’RE SCARED THEN!” the voice exclaimed. “No sir” we responded once again with redundancy. “WHERE ARE YOU FROM SON?” the officer asked as he stood quite closely to my face. “New York Sir” I answered in a low toned voice. “YOU”RE GONNA SPEAK LIKE YOU GOTTA PAIR, OR DO YOU SIT DOWN TO PISS?” he screamed out in question of my manhood. “NEW YORK SIR” I yelled back, feeling like I now needed to yell in order for him to actually hear me. He continued to yell, “OK GIVE ME ALL MY NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES AND CHICAGO BOYS UP FRONT NOW! YOU BOYS GONNA LEAD US TODAY SEEING AS I’M SURE MOST OF YOU ARE IN A GANG AND ARE USED TO RUNNING AT NIGHT FROM THE COPS!” All I wanted to do is punch this dude in the face, but something told me this man would wipe the floor with me with his eyes closed. Hell if he had a daughter she could probably beat me up.…

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