I Love Yous Are For White People Essay

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Violence Affect on Many Lives
Violence causes violence. Many things cause violence and many people including myself try to prevent it, but violence has hidden the face that will show up in your future. The term violence brings to memory an image of physical or emotional assault on a person. Each year many girls and boys in the United States are abused by their parents or their family. Many people have negative attitudes rather than somebody has violence background in their life. We have lots of different definition of violence in real life such as Domestic violence, Sexual abuse, discrimination, or racism. In the memoir, I Love Yous Are For White People by Lac Su, the reader can see violence how to effect in his life, and shows throughout the book. Lac Su’s memoir described about a Vietnamese boy who lives with his parents and his sisters. Lac moved from Vietnam to America where his family, including him, explained lots of pain. Also, he shows to the reader that social violence how to help him
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We can see many kids, when placed molested or abused, they were aggressive in their life. As a result, Lac had the tough situation in his life and nobody helped him, the event his parents. He tried to make everything by himself, but the background of his cousin (Crazy) cause raised angry in himself. In this point, he had to aggressive behavior. For instance, Lac’s little sisters [Bo and Vinnie] wanted to watch TV, but they fought together. Mother’s Lac could not quite them, and his father didn’t care about that situation. Lac’s sister didn’t care about other people lived there, they just fought together. Lac was in the bed for rest because he had a bad headache. Su writes about Lac, “I contemplate getting up to handle the situation, but my body feels heavy” (Su 219). Su writes this sentence because he wanted to tell the reader he had a bad situation that time, but nobody care about him. Su

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