Emmett Till: The Fight For Civil Rights

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America is a melting pot of all different ethnicity’s, skills, and lifestyles. Many consider America the land of equal opportunity, I believe the African American race will disagree. Underneath the façade of perfection and the chance for riches, their lies a generational epidemic of white violence and black resistance. During the analyst of this theory of ideology, I hope to shine a light on the brutality being perpetuated on my people and find a solution to this issue. White violence was first met with black resistance during the era of Jim Crow Laws. This resistance eventually led to the Civil Rights Movement. The murder of Emmett Till was pivotal in the fight for Civil Rights. The brutality demonstrated then is unfortunately still prevalent …show more content…
White violence has always been a matter of concern when it comes to blacks. From bringing Africans to America as slaves, Lynching innocent blacks for pleasure, to law officials killing unarmed black youth and being acquitted. During the Civil Rights Movement, this uncalled for violence was met with black resistance. On many occasions this racially targeted violence was not spoken about let alone was it punishable. The murder of Emmett Till was so outrageously despicable, there was no way to ignore this heinous crime. Emmett Till, born July 25, 1941 in Chicago, Illinois wouldn’t live to see his fifteenth birthday. Mamie Till his mother sent him down to rural Mississippi to visit some family. Although there was segregation all through the nation Mississippi was known for its racially motivated lynching’s and resistance of desegregation. These are the events that led up to Till’s death as told by his killers. In Money, Mississippi on Wednesday, 24 August 1955, Till entered a grocery store and had an interaction with a white female shopkeeper, 21-year-old Carolyn Bryant. Prior to this interaction, Till bragged about being with a white woman back in Chicago. When he and his

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