I Love The Dirt : How Little Girls Should Act And Dress.it Shaped My Story

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I use to love the dirt. The mud, the bugs, getting my clothes and hands dirty. Everyday after elementary school, my younger brother and I use to run to our backyard and dig up dirt piles then make mud pies or mud castles. I absolutely loved the dirt, until middle school. Middle school changed my outlook on how little girls should act and dress.It shaped my story of feminity and womanhood. Once I turned 13, I watched more television and read more teen magazines. I was open more to the media and what I saw changed the way I was. I no longer played in the dirt or wore basket ball shorts or sneakers. I started to wear nice, denim jean skirts with flip-flops and shirts with flowers on them. I actually brushed out my hair and made my mom buy me barrettes to wear. I completely changed the way I dressed and acted just to be perceived as a girl. I was still a girl when I played in the mud, but since that wasn’t the way little girls in movies or television shows acted, I thought society would see me as a one. As I began to get older my thoughts of what it means to be feminine changed a little. In high school I still believed that being feminine does mean to care about your appearance and to dress like a “girl”. What I mean when I say to dress like a girl, I mean to not wear sweats all the time or manly clothing. I have a cousin who only wears men clothing, and I always say to her, “Why do you dress like a boy?” I catch myself basing women’s femininity on the way their attire is. I…

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