Gender And Gender Stereotypes

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Boys and girls are equal Since human recognizes the differences between male and female, gender stereotypes are formed and reinforced. Beside human development, this stereotype becomes a tradition, a culture and the norm of society spread out the world. Gender stereotyping starts at a young age. Toys play a role as a symbol to distinguish boys and girls; parents use toys to impose different gender values on their children. Emily Martin 's article "The Egg and The Sperm" analyzes the difference in biological processes between male and female. Although "for every baby a woman produces, she wastes only around two hundred eggs, while man wastes more than one trillion sperm" and biologists ' beliefs that "woman is passive, man is active," Martin …show more content…
The way parents choose toys and the difference in how they treat sons and daughters reflect clearly gender stereotype in society. From a child’s infancy, or even during pregnancy, parents embrace gender norms, stock up on pink or blue outfits as soon as they find out the sex of their children. They play more roughly with boys and talk more lovingly to girls. Toys play an important part in defining gender roles. If parents buy girls dolls, dollhouses, high-heeled shoes, and makeup set, they give one set of messages that girls are girly and virtuous. When they buy boys chemistry sets, tool kits, doctor’s bags, building blocks, and wheel toys, they give another set of messages that boys are strong and brave. Children learn roles and skills from playing …show more content…
When parents teach the same way they teach boys and girls, parents can train either boys or girls to be strong and compassionate. Unless there is a limitation by gender stereotypes, children can develop comprehensive physical, intellectual and spiritual. The stereotype that male are strong, independent and they should achieve the high careers in life creates pressure for the male. Otherwise, women have the duty to pregnant, take care of kids and undertake housework; society lower female 's value make women feel useless and vulnerable.
At two years old, I cannot conceive what toys I want, I have no concept that toys represent for gender. I plays the toys which my parents give to me. When I recall back, I realize that from the dolls and the kitchen set, I develop awareness that I am a girl and I have to grow up in this belief. As a girl, my parents treat me harder than my brother. I am not allowed to stay out at night later than 9 pm. I cannot register to learn Taekwondo because the martial arts is not for a girl. I have to learn to speak gently and carefully; eat slowly; act girly. Although parents create best conditions so that I can have a good education, they impose how I should develop the personality. I feel bound and

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