I Love Christmas Essay

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Imagine a world where there is no Christmas; people would be miserable without the holiday. I adore many other holidays such as: the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Easter, et cetera, but Christmas is easily my favorite. There are multiple reasons as to why it is my favorite whether it is the food, culture, or even the fulfilling memories. Here are various senses on why I love everything about Christmas.
First, there are presents given and received during Christmas and it reminds people that if you give a little love you can get a little love of your own. I have been given multiple gifts for Christmas and it fills me with joy. I have received money and I get to do whatever I want with it. I usually get lots of clothes for Christmas that I always
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The stunning accessories decorate the houses with many lights and snowmen. Houses have lights surrounding them that light up the sky on just about every street in Culbertson. I have failed to not see a Christmas tree in someone's enclosure on this magnificent holiday and the trees never fail to consist of ornaments, a star, and presents. Adults of the family use their child’s school projects that they made for Christmas decorations. Mine personally is usually self made ornaments and even a jar in the shape of a snowman full of lights used as a festive lamp. My 4-H group also goes to the nursing home and we make decorations for the elderly.
In addition, I am excitedly looking forward to my future Christmases. I am looking forward to continuing my Christmas traditions with my future family. I will make cookies the day before Christmas with my children and let them open one present of their choice in the morning. I will also play games with my family and we will go sledding on the hills of my grandparents’. If that does not work I will go to my wife’s house. I will discipline my child in a fun way with elf on the shelf; I will also wrap a bunch of empty cardboard boxes and whenever he/she acts bad I will throw one into the
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I still remember all the fun adventures Chase and I would have while sledding in the hills of my farm and in the town of Culbertson. One of the days Chase and I went sledding together we made the coolest snow fort I have ever seen out of sticks, snow, trees and we even had a flag. I also remember making cookies for Santa and seeing my family members dressed up as him. They would attempt to persuade us that the real Santa Claus was amongst us when in reality it was one of my uncles. I also remember all of the Christmas programs I used to have at church and school. One program all of the students including me got elf hats and at another program I had to sing a solo (the song was “Joy to the World”). I used to always do the Christmas countdown calendars and I remember waking up excited to open the calendars because the chocolate inside them was

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