Summary: Personal Narrative Of My Life

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I was fifteen years old when I suffered one of the worst things a child can suffer through, I lost my father. The day was November 20, 2013, back when I lived in Brookhaven, Mississippi. I had lived there for almost 4 years, having moved from California, living there because my dad was born in Mississippi and was able to get onto Mississippi Disability. He was involved in a car accident in 2004 that basically immobilized his left leg and made him incapable of working enough to raise three boys. He had a heart attack and passed away shortly thereafter. Being that I was only a teenager at the time, I had lost my role model, my best friend, and the only parent that I had ever known. My mother had left when I was young in order to live her life addicted to drugs. We received a letter when I was eleven years old saying she had passed away a few weeks prior. Soon after my father passed, with nowhere else to go, I was sent out to Temecula, California to live with my uncle. …show more content…
Everyone I met just told me how sorry they were for my loss and how if I needed anyone they would be there for me. In actuality, no one wanted to listen to how mentally devastated a fifteen year old boy was, so I was pretty much left to handle it all on my own. When I tried to talk to people they never really gave me a solution just the normal “keep strong and you can push through it in no time” speech. My brother, Forrest, had been forced to move in with his girlfriend at the time to finish up his senior year. My brother Michael moved in with some friends, dropped out of school and started to work. So not only had the most influential person in my life moved on, my family was split up, and I was forced across the country to live with an uncle I had only met one time in my life. I was forced to finish my high school career as an outcast in an entirely foreign

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