Essay on I Know My Emotions !

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Unit Title: I know my emotions!
Subject/Content Area: Art
Unit Standards: Please see the Appendix-I
Essential understanding: Student will understand:
• technology is a tool to reach information
Objectives: Students will be able to
• discuss their ideas about artwork
• apply technology as a tool and substitution for pen and paper
• experience the process of creating a video

In this part, I will utilize technology in substitution, augmentation and modification level. The main reason, I wanted to utilize mainly substitution level considering the level of competence of kindergarten students is in entrance level. On the other hand, I am aware of that young children even learn how to code, but I do not personally have that much detailed information in this topic. Radich (2013) stated in NAEYC statement the powerful influences of technology in art education. Therefore, I integrated the technology during the art activities.

1. Where do we keep our artwork?
This activity is a teacher directed research, considering doing a research might be difficult for the kindergarteners. In this activity teacher will ask questions discuss about artworks and lead a research by using the technology in substitution level. The Q1, Q2 and Q3 are for the discussion to pave the road for research, the Q4, Q5 and Q6 are for leading the research, which the teacher will use a smart board or white screen to reflect her screen on the laptop.…

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