I Have Taken The Self Assessment Test Essay

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I have taken the self-assessment test in the read section. (Bethel University, 2014). I have learn news things about area’s that I am strong in and things I am weak in. I feel that test is a good way to learn about the area’s that you are good in or that you need to improve. I am a little upset with my results of the assessment.

My weakness is reading, writing, and focus. (Bethel University, 2014). I can read, but I tend to stay away from reading for some reason. This is why I am weak in this area. I am weak in writing, because I also tend to stay away from writing much. I have a terrible time focusing one thing at a time. I am weak in this area, because I love watching TV a lot and I will put my focus on Tv and not what I should be focusing on.

My strengths are leadership and getting along with a diverse group. (Bethel University, 2014). I am good in leadership, because I am a lead at work and I have a group of people to lead to earn that money. I have the responsibility to make sure that people do the best job at what they do. I am a easy person to get along with. I think that the reason is, because I don’t judge people on everything that they do and I give praise to people when they do something good. That is my strongest areas that I have.


Chambers, Cindy (2016). Unit 1: Welcome to Bethel University. Retrieve from: www.betheluniversityonline.net/

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