I Have Never Let Dyslexia Control Me Essay

772 Words Jan 24th, 2016 4 Pages
Looking back the English subject has never been something that came effortless for me. You can say it was more like a battle. Stumbling over words while reading aloud to the class, shortcoming of vocabulary in essays or just everyday conversations and not to mention the excessive amount of time it took me to comprehend a story. Having to read the page over and over just to earn a grasp of what was going on in the story. Not to mention trying to retain the information I had just read seconds before. All things pointed to, you guessed it, Dyslexia. What I thought at the time was an privilege being I got to get out of class, later became something I would be ashamed of. Although I have never let Dyslexia control me, it has affected me in many ways. When I was in the first grade I was diagnosed with the learning disability. There were many misfortunes that I had to learn to confront. One being homework. Homework always took twice as long to do as my siblings. I can remember sitting at the dinning room table for what seemed to be hours only getting up to use the bathroom. Many nights consisted of many tears shed over resentment. My parents irritation with me seeing I wanted to give up and me dissatisfaction with myself knowing I just couldn 't figure it out. Fortunately, my case wasn 't as saver as some of my pears. Words never appeared to be dancing on my page while trying to read, but letters and numbers did seem discombobulated. For example, my d 's looked like b 's my e…

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