I Have More Appreciation For How Sports Has Impacted My Life Essay

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Leading with the Heart In reading this book, I have more appreciation for how sports has affected my life in a positive way. Like Coach Krzyzewski, I believe that my participation in college sports has impacted my life more than anything else I have encountered. Not only did I learn more about myself and the kind of person I am, but I also learned about others and how to work well with them. There’s just no other way to learn everything that sports have taught me. In reading this book, I also continued expanding my ongoing knowledge on leadership and what it truly was. In fact, there were four major concepts that this book helped me to better understand leadership.
I. Leadership vs. Management As mentioned previously in this class, leadership and management are not one in the same. Each role possesses completely different characteristics and skills. In the first chapter, Coach K makes his first comparison between the two regarding rules. He only has one rule – “don’t do anything detrimental to yourself.” While that is a broad rule, he trusts that each player will know what that means. If they do in fact understand that one simple rule, there is no reason for him to create more, which is something he believes a good leader will do. He believes that if a leader has too many rules is just trying to keep themselves from having to make decisions. They also make the team seem more like their team than the team’s team. Good leadership should be plural, not singular. Krzyzewski…

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