I Have Learned About Myself As A Future Teacher Essay

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Throughout the semester, I have learned a lot about myself as a future teacher and a lot about other teachers teaching styles. Some of which I do agree with and some that I do not. What I have really focused on is the “why.” In my field experience when my mentor would do something out of the ordinary or ask a funny question, I would analyze it and go through all that I had learned by that time. Doing that I realized she was trying different ways to teach a tough topic, or trying to see what her students were thinking.
At some point throughout teaching very teacher will face the 5 complexities of teaching: Simultaneity, immediacy, history, publicness, and multidimensionality. While observing in my 2nd grade classroom I noticed that my mentor was faced with immediacy and simultaneity the majority of the time. For example, one day the students were doing a craft and accidently spilt glue all over the carpet. Of course the teacher had to respond to this without hesitation or else the glue could potentially dry and get stuck. What also factors into this making it immediacy is the fact that she could not foresee that the glue would fall onto the floor. Referring to the other complexity often used, simultaneity, my mentor often had multiple things occurring at once. One time, she had students questioning her about what page the math homework was that night and others trying to tell her a story about their previous weekends. At that point, she had to divide her attention amongst…

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