I Have Chosen Productive Work Environments For Millenials Essay

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I have chosen Productive Work Environments for Millenials to research more extensively. I will focus on embracing generational differences to create a Productive Work Environments for Millenials. Now there are four generations of people working side by side in the same organizations for the first time in history, and Millennials are the second largest generation of them. Millennials are characterized as having high levels of self-confidence and self-reliance, independent, individualistic, and socially active and like to work in teams (Shih &Allen, 2007). Millenials brings different views, expectations, desires, dreams, values and ideas about work. Employers should be aware of Millenials’s characteristics to foster productive work environment for attracting and retaining high performance Millenials. For realizing this goal, embracing generational differences including Mentoring, non-hierarchical work styles, providing collaborative workspaces, and team-building, is also vital to organizations. It will ensure an effective transfer of knowledge between the more experienced generations to Millenials.
Effective communication, job satisfaction and high productivity are important subjects in contemporary business context. When the demands of a new generation entering business as a new workforce are not fully acknowledged, this can lead to misunderstandings, miscommunications and unproductivity, thus leading to lower employee commitment and higher turnover intentions. From this…

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