I Have A Special Assignment Essay

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“Gentlemen, I have a special assignment for you.” Conall said to the three males before him; one about average in height and looks and dress - though his waistcoats could suggest a man with very good taste - another wearing the uniform of a soldier and a look that said he’d much rather be on a battlefield than in his Alpha’s study, and the newly recruited dandy that had a name so utterly Spanish everyone just shortened it to Biffy. “I want you too ... Watch my wife while I am gone.”
A childishly loud groan erupted from Channing as he tossed his head back. Biffy’s cheek twitched. Professor Lyall made no reaction whatsoever.
Conall ignored Channing and continued, “I am going down to Scotland for the weekend. Sidheag sent me a letter asking for advice with dealing with loners. I’ve ... Got a feeling she’s having more trouble than the letter tells. A lot of challenges - nothing she can’t handle but I intend too help her nonetheless. So while I’m gone, you three are too make sure Alexia is happy and safe.”
“This is bollocks,” Channing muttered.
Conall’s lip twitched. “You’ll do as I say, Gamma. Now, I don’t care what she bloody tells you too do, you do it. If I come back and hear she’s displeased, it won’t be good, and God help you if she is hurt. Understand?”
“Yes, sir.” The three men said in unison. Conall nodded and stood, exiting. Soon as he was out of earshot, even for supernatural hearing, Channing kicked the leg of a nearby desk.
“Absolute bloody, twisted, bollocks!” He…

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