I Have A Gun, Not The Word That I Grew Up Hearing Essay

728 Words Apr 18th, 2016 3 Pages
“Gun” was not the word that I grew up hearing. For 20 years, I have only seen guns, maybe 50 feet away or virtually on the screen. But after moving in the United States, a gun looked like an accessory for most of the people. My friend has a gun, my neighbors have too. And the only insecurity that I felt is most people holds a gun and I do not. For a woman who was born and raised in a country like Nepal, America could look like a more established country where she could feel secure to walk alone at night. But this is not always the case. I have seen a racism to an extreme, few night ago while travelling back home. On a train, a racially identified as Black hit a women with a skateboard just because she is an Asian. Suddenly, a guy next to me stood and hit the black guy. They had a fight and all I did was stood back. The train was held for more than 25 minutes until the cops and medical team arrived. That incident made me think over and over again, what if he had a knife, a gun or any other harmful materials instead of a skateboard? Or what if the guy next to me had those stuffs? Anyone could infer that the state police were failing to arrive on time. Despite the fact that America is a free country, one person is not free enough to kill or hit others. Especially with guns, people should not own a gun as a safety accessory. According to the Author Dan Baum in “The Price of Gun Control”, gun control in America is pointless. More than 40 percent of Americans own…

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