I Had Got With The Doors Essay

1172 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
I had got use to having the skytrain doors shut in my face. No matter how confused or scared someone looked, no one had the time to stop or help a lost person. The ride back home seemed to be longer than usual and I could not help but notice the nervous group of kids trying to figure out the directions. Looking at them reminded me of the time when I first used the skytrain without any adult supervision. I vividly remember the struggle my little cousin and I faced just to get back home. It was on a sunny August day during my grade 10 summer and we were going volunteering in Burnaby. With the help of my grandpa and screenshots of the google map directions we reached our volunteering location without any problems. The triathlon, for which we were volunteering, was at a very isolated area and the only thing close by was a recreation centre which was closed for some reason. We took the risk for allowing our grandpa to go back home because the triathlon was for the the whole day. We thought to ourselves how hard could it possibly be to go back home and so my grandpa decided to leave. The whole day went by and we faced no problems while volunteering however the sun was pointing at our faces for the entire time. The little kids participating in the triathlon ran to the finish line while tripping and falling and running in opposite directions while we helped guide them towards the right direction. The triathlon was a success and my cousin and I started to head our way…

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