I Had A Rough Life Essay

1621 Words Jan 19th, 2016 null Page
I have had a rough life. I have been through a lot and I am ready to accept what has happened in the past. The idiots who called me names are gone. There is nothing I could gain from either yelling at them or beating the living day lights out of them. There were times that there were rumors that were spread about me like me being gay or not being able to get a girlfriend. Even though those rumors were false, I thought at the time everyone hated me and so I shut down emotionally. After that painful last year at middle school, I thought I could not believe in anyone anymore. However, to my surprise, I finally found hope in a different place.

That shining light of hope came in the friends that I found in christopher dock. Before I went to Dock, I thought I was a poor young man. A poor young man tired of the sacrifices that he made for others and not receiving the praise he so deserved. Instead of the hero he pictured himself as, the people at his old school treated him like a fraud or a punchline. Once the last year of middle school was over, I had the chance to go to a different school. When I heard about this chance to get away from all of my troubles, I accepted my parents ' offer in a heartbeat. When I first met the people who were going to be my friends, I intially thought they didn 't have to talk to me or I thought they were using me. Soon after warming up to them, I managed to finally open up myself to them. Instead of the disapproval that I anticipated, they accepted…

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