I Got The Word Incorrect Essays

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So Mote It Be

I got the word incorrect because I had no clue as to what it really meant. I was unable to know the true meaning to the word, but it goes way beyond just knowing a word you have to understand and really know how to use it correctly in order to understand where it comes from. I am thanking or asking for help in some way. It is the thought of something in which I want it to be done. It is important to believe that it will be done the way you want it to be done, if I want it done I simply say “ So Mote It Be” as in saying this is how I want it and in this manner. It is to help energy that is being sent out to be more powerful.

Most people do not know what this word means, I know I did not until I study and researched it a lot. If you do not know then you may not be using it the way it should be used. “So Mote it Be” is not “Amen” it is a willing to make things happen the way you want it. To make it understood that this is how you want it to happen, how you say it makes a big difference in how it will turn out, you are using your connections to the five elements and the God/Goddess to help you in this. All your magickal workings are connected so your energy goes out and it comes back the way you want it to happen. It is to help energy that is being sent out to be more powerful. Knowing what you want and stating it that way will help you better understand. How tp gets things done the way you want.

The knowledge that is behind something it also is great for…

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