Essay about I Got My First Bank

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I got my first bank account on my 16th birthday. My grandparents wrote me a check for my present and I used that money to open up an account. There was a Fifth Third Bank less than a mile from my house and my parents banked there, so I jumped on the bandwagon. For as long as I can remember, I have utilized online banking. All of my bank accounts are entirely paperless. With that comes the dependency on the website to be like a personal bank teller, although it is not that easy. However, Fifth Third has left a lasting impression on me. Like any website, issues arise and may or may not be solved as soon as you want. I am now 21-years-old and I still bank with Fifth Third, which I view as a success. Finding a bank that meets all your needs is almost impossible, however, I would say Fifth Third’s online banking is one of the better compared to others. They may be the last to pick up a banking method, but they also have less troubleshooting that goes with it, such as virtual deposits. Fifth Third’s website encourages interactivity between the organization and the users in a variety of ways. First off, if an account is not already paperless, it takes less than a minute to set up your account to do so, either through account settings or contacting a bank branch. If this is the case, instead of mailing you every month with a statement balance or for an overdrawn notification, it is all done through email or text. A website is where people tend to look first for information about…

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