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1b) to what extent are things only good because God commands them? (10)
To find out the extent to which things are only good because of God commanding them you would first have to decide whether an action or thing becomes good because of God commanding it or if it is good before. Other questions which should be examined include whether the things God has commanded you to do are actually ‘good’ and if the things God has said are wrong and immoral really are. Personally I believe that many things can be good even if God has not declared it to be so and this point has become increasingly obvious throughout time; one of the most renowned and obviously ridiculous examples of things that God has informed us is not ‘good’ is homosexuality. In
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These acts would already be good in themselves, and God would have to appeal to them to "find out" what is good. On the other hand, if something is good because God commands that it is good, then goodness is arbitrary; and God could have called murder good and honesty not good. Alternatively, there is a third option that many people don’t think about, which is that God good appeals to nothing other than his own character for the standard of what is good and then reveals what is good to us. It is wrong to lie because God cannot lie, not because God had to discover lying was wrong or that he arbitrarily declared it to be wrong. This means that God does not arbitrarily declare something to be good (ignoring his own nature) or say that something is good by nature (recognizing a standard outside of himself). Both of these situations ignore the biblical option that good is a revelation of God's nature. In other words, God is good by nature; and he reveals that nature to us which is what we call ‘good’. The question is does this then imply that Gods power is limited? The consequences of God being limited by himself would mean that he was no longer omnipotent or omniscient and

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