I Dont Hknow Essay

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Question 1
Which is TRUE about infertility?
Assisted reproductive technology includes all fertility treatments in which both egg and sperm are handled.
Question 2
Population statistics reflect two important trends. These are: fertility rate; mortality rate
Question 3
The number of children born per 1,000 women aged 15-44 is called the: general fertility rate.
Question 4
Developed nations such as the United States, Canada, or in Western Europe tend to have __________fertility rates and __________ mortality rates. low; low
Question 5
Sophie just had a baby, and her government ensures that she has 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, with 3 additional years of unpaid leave if she wants it. Her husband also has 11 days of paid
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Question 2
Which agent of socialization listed below has the greatest impact on socializing children? parents and family members
Question 3
Urbanization, industrialization, and immigration produced two views of childhood: the “protected child” among __________; and “the useful child” among __________. wealthy; poor
Question 4
In many developed and developing nations families receive a cash benefit from the government to help with the costs of raising children, which is known as: a family allowance

Question 5
Maria, a Hispanic mother, feels strongly that she must teach her children about the importance of race, ethnicity, prejudice, and discrimination, while also providing the coping skills necessary to develop and maintain a strong and healthy self-image and understanding of their heritage. This is referred to as: racial or ethnic socialization.

Question 6
Which group is most likely to live with a single parent?
Black children age 6-11

Question 7
Mario, a university researcher, studies children. He is particularly interested in the period that begins in adolescence. During this stage, children develop capacities for abstract thought, and can conceptualize more complex issues or rules that can be used for problem solving. Using Piaget’s model, which stage is this? formal operational thought

Question 8
Hien was raised by parents who put

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