Analyzing Gucci's Essay 'Status Symbols Blue'

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In the essay “Status symbols blue”, the author says that status symbols are the brand name, which lots of us are trying to buy to boost our position in society through appearance. It functions as label of success, and achievements that one doesn’t need to brag to let other people know. The author believes that people buy brand name like Rolex, Versace, or Gucci, purely because they can “confer status on their owner within an established social hierarchy”; however, buying brand name doesn’t guarantee higher social status anymore because the authentic products have been debased by the abundant supply of counterfeit. Hence, in order to escape the “status symbol”, he suggests that people should focus on their inner, and interpersonal value such …show more content…
The importance of appearance exists because we tend to think that the better one can dress, the more potential that individual can have. Therefore, we naturally try to showcase our best looking in order to increase our probabilities to move forward in life. For example, it’s a popular recommendation that newly graduated student should dress nicely for a job interview. One would argue that doesn’t necessary mean expensive, brand-named clothes, and that the degree is what most valuable to employers, but the advice implies that appearance can assumingly determine a life. Just like going a date, no body will appear in a sloppy, messy appearance; we all want to prove that we are potential partners to the person we are going to meet. Additionally, the author is wrong when he says that branded items are not worth of their prices. In instance, the Rolex is expensive because it is waterproof; its wristband is gold so it won’t break easily. Rolex’s craft man occasionally hand adjusts the precision of the watch’s hand so it will still indicate the correct time under any condition. The watch is surely a good investment, but no many people understand that; think that it’s unreasonable to buy the authentic product, and that’s why they choose to buy fake one at a street market. Our favor for brand name despite of worse quality is the

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