I Come From A Divorced Family Essay

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I come from a divorced family. I have hateful parents, not towards me, but towards each other. I can’t stand it, the way they look at each other, the way they talk or act towards each other just irks me. I don’t blame my mother for ditching my father, who could? He was a dirty old, good-for-nothing, scumbag. Since he has left us, he hasn’t even given my mother and I a second thought. Since the divorce, I usually go to my father’s apartment on the weekend. The only reason I visit him is because my mother believes that I need a father figure in my life. My mother isn’t all that good of a mother anyway. I know she tries to be a responsible adult, but she acts like an immature little twit. She is constantly going to nightclubs and every night she has a different male companion in our house. I feel sorry for my mother’s delusional mind, her breath is constantly reeking of alcohol and her body encompassed with the horrible odor of tobacco.

Ever since they separated, my life has been difficult and when they got divorced, my life got even harder. I have been to five different schools within two years. Every school that I went to, someone would always find out that my family has issues and that I don’t have the best lifestyle. My so called friends would disown me and spread horrible rumors about me and my parents. They would tell everyone that my mother was a lady of pleasure and that was how she had lured my father. My “friends” also spread the word that I was just like my mother.…

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