I Chose Usc Davis School Of Gerontology Essay

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When deciding on where to apply for my Gerontology degree, I chose USC Davis School of Gerontology because it is a very prestigious program that offers an exceptional education. An interesting fact that caught my attention of the campus is the diversity of ethnicities, sex, and age. Having a diverse campus develops social cultural awareness and promotes creative thinking. USC is a good fit for my goals because with the dual degree program I will able to pursue a Masters of Science in Gerontology and a Masters of Social Work. This will be beneficial towards my department choice of adults and health aging. The fascinating aspect about this program is that they offer hands-on training and enables one to conduct research on renovating the quality of life for the elderly. The courses will also provide me with critical thinking skills and feedback from professors on how to accommodate living for the elderly. As well as, becoming aware of the modern issues they are facing. This is a growing population and people are starting to live longer, which means they will need more direct services. I am positive that USC Davis School of Gerontology will provide me with additional skills, knowledge, and experience on how to make a positive impact on the lives of the aging population. Some experiences I have related to gerontology are working as a health care provider and an assistant social worker. I worked as a health care provider for two years providing care and services for the elderly.…

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