I Chose Dealing With Difficult Parents Essay

1513 Words Mar 5th, 2015 7 Pages
As my final student choice book, I chose Dealing with difficult parents: And with parents in difficult situations. This book was recommended from my mentor to help deal with the parents she sees on a daily basis. This book also builds off of the first book I chose to write about. She thought it would be wise to read this one since I enjoyed the first book she recommended. This book is a guide to help you deal with parents in the most difficult situations. I currently work at a Title I school that has its fair share of issues with parents having heated arguments. Education is not highly placed in the community by the parents, but that is something we are trying to change at our school. It’s been a process to help get the guardians involved more in the educational process of their student, but this something I’m trying to help while doing my internship with my mentor. This book, internship experience, and along with the schooling I have received from American College of Education will better prepare me for interactions with difficult parents. The first part of this book dissects why parents are the way they are and how they are similar to the parents in previous generations. “If we look at any point in history, there have always been belligerent and uncooperative parents. And, realistically, those parents have always been the ones that we spend the most time dealing with, mainly because they often have the most uncooperative and belligerent children” (Whitaker,…

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