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I believe in accepting yourself for who you are and what you are.

Everyone in this world struggles to understand themselves, especially when it comes to gender. There are so many confusing and even wrong ideas out there about what is right or wrong for a man or a woman. Starting when you’re first born, you’re supposed to wear a certain color beanie and blanket depending of what gender you are. Then, later in life, your choices about who and what you are always determined by your parents or legal guardian. This also goes for toys, clothes, hairstyles, and so on.

But in our early teens we start forming a need for independence. We wish to move away from our parents as soon as possible because we get tired of hearing their ideas about
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For me, it was also a fresh start, like pressing the reset button on a game.

I remember when I found my very first best friend in high school, one of the first to accept me for who I am. One day, during Algebra, she stepped through the door and sat right in front of me. I didn’t even notice her because I was so into what I was drawing on myself. When I looked up, I didn’t hesitate to say hi because something about her felt so different from other girls. That first impression lead to a whole conversation that class period. I actually felt comfortable talking to her about anything and I mean anything--- I even had a little crush on her! Later, when I came out to her, she was so glad and responded by saying, “Finally!”, sarcastically, but with a smile. I knew that others weren’t as approving as I had hoped, but, hey “Haters gotta hate” and you can only please the ones that accept you and care about you, like my friend did.
However, I began to realize that my new friend was not the only one to accept me as I am. Starting in my junior year the tables started to turn: instead of people being negative about the fact that I am gay, most people I knew were positive about it. Like my brother marvin, my mom, and close friends. I feel like the battle of acceptance I had been fighting my whole life had finally come to an end. Because “who’s going to love you, if you don’t love your dang self first? Can I get an Amen?”- RuPaul Andre

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