I Attended The Guest Artist Recital Performance By Michael Patilla

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I attended the guest artist recital performance by Michael Patilla. I picked this recital, at the beginning of the semester, specifically due to his instrument, the guitar. Before I had attended this recital I had witnessed the guitar performances of many different genres of music, but never of classical pieces. Being familiar with the guitar made for a great reference point for many of the songs performed and added the little bit of musical experience I had to the situation. My overall impression of the performance was good, it was great to see a new spin on my favorite instrument; although my past experiences have me more inclined to like the faster tempo, more upbeat compositions that we performed. Michael Patilla started his evening performing a composition’s by Niccolo Paganini. Paganini, an Italian composer from the 19th century, is thought of as the most respected violinist of his era. Patilla’s first piece performed was Sonata No. 1 in A Major. This work had a fairly consistent medium tempo. It was obvious in Patilla’s first performance how passionate he was for his music. The melody in this composition seemed to change from a light feeling to a very serious sound, which showed the depth of the composer and performer well. Patilla performed the piece Sonata No. 2 in A Major by Paganini. This piece feels very light-hearted and free spirited. It mostly has a high tempo with a fun melody. Paganini was alive for the end of the classical era and the beginning of the…

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