I Attend My Friend 's Francine Church Service Essay

1043 Words Oct 4th, 2015 null Page
Last Sunday, I attend my friend’s Francine church service generally speaking going to church is something that has been installed in me, throughout my upbringing being that, I am a Baptist Christian, but I decided to take a cultural plunge and experience another domination of Christianity. Francine’s Church is called The Evening of the Light and is considered a Protestant church. Prior to attending the service, I was shocked when Francine instructed me to wear a long skirt or dress that went pass my knees and not to wear any make- up. This was so odd to me because at my church there were no dress codes and the members typically wore formal attire on the first Sunday of the month because we took communion and there definitely wasn’t any restriction on wearing makeup. After being notified with this information, I was very nervous to go to the service and felt like they were going to be judgmental if I didn’t abide by their appearance standards, but I felt like this was a good opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and experience something new, so I kept my promise and still went. When we first arrived, I noticed how historical the church looked and was eager to see how it looked in the inside. Once we got inside, I immediately noticed the huge wooden cross that was right above the pulpit and was in awe, but I happened to be distracted by an usher that showed us were to sit. I wasn’t use to usher’s telling me were to sit, but I understood that this was the norm in their…

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