Essay on I Apologize For The Length Of Time It Has Taken Me

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Ms. Boyett,

I apologize for the length of time it has taken me to respond. When investigating matters such as this I like to be as thorough as possible.

If memory serves me correctly, I believe there were two primary concerns that you expressed in our initial conversation. The first was regarding the process of disseminating information to the class. According to my notes of our phone conversation you asserted that Mr. York has neglected to integrate power point presentations into the classroom experience after expressing at the start of the term that he would do so. I did speak with Mr. York, and he stated that he has never used power point presentations as a means of communicating information to his students. It his contention that he did not state that he would. His position is corroborated by his syllabus. I require faculty to submit their syllabi to me at the start of the term, as it serves as a de facto contract for the class. Please see the attached document. In two areas on the syllabus the method of instructional delivery is provided. Page one reads, "Course content will be delivered by textbook readings, class lectures, audio- visual aids, and class discussion. Students are expected to take copious notes..." Page 3 reads, "Instructional methods will include lecture, large and small group discussion, audio- visuals, and questions- and answers. " There is no mention of power point presentations as a method of delivery anywhere. "Audio- visuals" is…

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