Essay on I Am My Observation On Friday

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I completed my observation on Friday October 14th between the hours of 9:15am - 11:30am participating with the class and completing my room observation. When I entered the preschool, the children were mingling with each other waiting for their day to start. At exactly 9:30am the teacher lightly jingled a bell to notify the children very casually that class time was beginning. All the children began to filter over to the group area each seat contained a photo of a child in the class and the children state in the designated seat in preparation for the beginning of group time. The first activity for the day was a song “Sunshine Learning Lesson” to assist with putting their smiles on which immediately went into the song “Welcome to School” rise and shine. The teacher proceeded to involve the children into a discussion on who’s turn it was to take home the “Friends Book”. This teacher places a high efficiency on literacy so each Friday one child is chosen to take home the “special” book to read over the weekend. To determine who was to take the book home the teacher had tongue depressors with each child’s name written on the stick in a mason jar and she pulled one stick and that child was handed the book. Next the teacher drew a second name and this child was chosen to take “Felix” the bear home with them to take care of for the weekend. She uses this to teach the children how to be responsible and how important it is to take care of things. Next the “Special…

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