I Am Intelligent And Adventurous Essay

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A mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser, guide, or guru even. If someone was to have a person in their life like this, they would be considered very lucky. Therefore, I believe that I am very fortunate to have met someone like Sergeant Major Rethage in my being. Sergeant Major is the best example of a leader, or role model. He always has a positive attitude. He’s a caring teacher and he’s knowledgeable and compassionate. He provides guidance to all of his students. He helped me to realize who I was. I used to be unsure how to describe myself, but not I can accomplish this without an issue. I believe I am intelligent and adventurous. I noticed that I am very independent while also being dependable. People are able to trust me and rely on me. I think that I am meticulous because I like precision and to be exact. I am pleased that I am able to characterize myself with the help of Sergeant Major. I was acquainted with him during my eighth grade year in school but I officially met him my freshman year. He introduced himself and the program while I was in middle school and I was interested in it, so I joined. I soon met him on the first day of my freshman year. My first impression was that this man was crazy and psychotic but of course he proved me wrong.

In order for a mentorship to work, to have to establish certain ground rules. Sergeant Major and I have established these without evening speaking about them. There is no judgement in this mentorship. I am able to trust…

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