I Am Confused - Original Writing Essay

1798 Words Nov 5th, 2015 null Page
“No. He had twenty-two employees who will testify to seeing him the entire time.”
“I’m confused. It looks pretty clear he’s innocent.”
“It does to us, but the prosecutor claims Michael had plenty of time to leave the function, drive back to town, commit the crime and return to the retreat. I will tear his case to shreds.”
Of course you will, you’re one of the best. You haven’t lost a case yet. Casey swirled the tea in the paper cup, wishing she had some ice cubes. “When is the trial date?”
“Next Tuesday unless there’s another delay.” She had caught the end of a heavy sigh before Ray added, “When I finish this case, I want to take some time off. I know this trip will use up your vacation, but maybe we can plan a long weekend and go south to the Gulf—Destin, Florida. How does that sound? We can lie on the beach, do some deep-sea fishing or jet skiing. What do you think?”
Casey answered half-heartedly, “Sounds nice.” She couldn’t delay any longer and blurted out, “I’ve decided to stay in Madison.”
Ray didn’t show any reaction, but she could visualize the wheels turning in his head as his face scrunched in a frown. “When did you decide that?” Not waiting for an answer, he continued, “I thought you came here to remodel your family’s plantation and then come home? We can’t work on our marriage if we live miles apart.”
“You weren’t thinking about our marriage when you decided to sleep with your secretary.” Catching herself before her anger exploded, she mentally shook the image of…

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