I Am Born Into A Family With My Mother Essay

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I was born into a family with my mother, father and my 6 siblings. We all lived on the family farm and it was a very great experience. My four brothers and I did lots of outside work with my father . However, my sister helped my mother with the inside work and made sure the food was ready for the fellows after a long day of work. Our family grew up i the small town of Tabor City. Tabor City is a small town in southeastern North Carolina. It also border a small South Carolina town called Loris. Everyone who resided around Tabor City was either family or close friends with one another. Even though Tabor City has a little history of racism, everyone one in my childhood days managed to stick up for one another. “It takes a village to raise a child”, this statement was the statement used a lot just to remind us that wherever we are and we act out. It was okay for anyone to right our wrongs I’m honestly thankful because we all respect one another. My personality growing up was very childish and playful. I was immature and always doing something to get me in trouble. Basically, I was the class clown in school. However, my attitude started to change after my mother made me go to a private school. I then got rid of most of my childish ways and I just started to make jokes when it was necessary and I wouldn’t be a distraction. I lost my brother to gun violence when he was nineteen and that changed my whole world. He was just like me and at that point, I knew it was a wake up call…

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