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Factoid Friday Essay: Nature vs Nurture (rough draft) For many decades, the controversy of nature versus nurture have been floating around. People wonder which factor influences our behaviors, characteristics, and actions. Over the years, there have been many studies conducted to determine which is the dominant component in our growth of development. In some countries, schools have started programs where they try and rebuild a child’s behavioral reaction to things. People have studied how children act, the fact that genetics affect us, and how it is in our blood to do certain things. However, I believe that it is both nature and nurture that shape the way we are today.
Nature is a big concept and can’t be denied. How we turn out to be is due
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Studies have proven that intelligence is a component of both nature and nurture. These researchers have learned that children, who were raised in wealthy and educated households, will grow up to be more perceptive that children who grew up in tough, poor homes. This conclusion was formed when scientists studied biological brothers who were raised in different areas, different families, and had different IQ levels. According to Kenneth Kendler, a professor of psychiatry, states “We’re not denying cognitive ability has important genetic components but it’s a naive idea to say it’s only genes.‘This is strong evidence educated parents do something with their kid that makes them smarter and this is not a result of genetic factors.” This statement proves how we cannot just say nature and genetics are the only one who impacts the cognitive ability, because nurture plays an important role as well. IQ levels of young children can be raised if they were exposed to fine arts, such as museums, by their educated parents. Educated parents are quite influential as they would want their children to be raised in a good household. If a child was going to be adopted, their upbringings will be positive and better if they were taken in by adopted parents, because there will be more stability and they can be supported financially too. Though this is sad to hear, adoptive parents tend to be more knowledgeable and prosperous than the child’s biological parents. This means the biological parents had to give up their kid for adoption so they can have a better life that they couldn’t provide. Though environmental factors play a crucial role, it is easier to indicate the genetic effects, because identical twins are essentially the same person with exceptionally similar IQs. As shown in the image on the side, the IQ levels between twins, identical

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