I Am An Best Candidate For The Early College Program Essay examples

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I believe that I am an excellent candidate for the Early College program. For me, school is a top priority, and I always strive to be my best. Whenever I set my focus on a task, I will put 100% effort into it until I am satisfied with the result. I am not nervous to talk to adults or teachers, and address any questions I have about the course. To be at college at such a young age demands hard work and dedication, which I am ready to put forth. There is so much in this program that will help me succeed in life. First of all, this program will help me graduate college a year earlier than the rest of my class. I am already young for my grade, so if I am involved in this program I will graduate college at the age of 20 years old. I will be two years younger than most my graduating class. This will help progress me in life, and give me a jump start. Also, the financial help is huge to me. In my family, the burden of paying for college is placed on the children. I have a job, and a special bank account, and every paycheck that I get goes into that account to make sure I have money for college. But, if I got into this program, the stress of paying for college for two years will be taken off my shoulders. This program goes along with my plan. After high school, I am going to go to Muskegon Community College and receive my associate 's degree, and then transfer to a state school where I will achieve my bachelor 's degree. My ultimate career/educational goal is to go to college and…

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