Essay on I Am An Arduous Head Forward Student

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Although I believe I am an arduous, head forward student, by tracking my time throughout the course of five consecutive days I have proven to myself how many precious moments I waste. In other words, I spend the majority of my time watching Netflix or procrastinating around my work. Through out the course of my past year, Sophomore year, I cut off Netflix in order to focus on my studies. Since I am easily sucked into television shows I decided to wait until summer till I got back to my Korean dramas. Soon after school ended the plan backfired on me, where I ended up binge watching for multiple hours throughout the course of the day. This was how I spent the short-one-week summer break I had received before the mini-semester at Lone Star started. Once I began the Weekly schedule assignment for EDUC 1300 I realized how much time I had been wasting everyday. I was shocked at how many hours I spent hypnotized by a screen where I could have been spending time with my family, cooking, gardening, or even practice driving. Overall, this assignment enlightened me on the amount of time being wasted on unneeded television, where my attention could have been put to use somewhere else.
Even though my lazy side of my brain would debate with me and argue that I was getting something out of the television show, where I knew deep down inside that there was absolutely no benefit by sitting in front of a screen all day. In fact, as many scholars have proven brain cells degenerate the longer…

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