Essay I Am A Year Old Female Growing Up From Englewood, New Jersey

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I am a 16 year old female growing up in Englewood, New Jersey. I enjoy programing, creative writing, and music. I spend a lot of time listening and playing music. I play the drums and I also enjoy singing. I have spent a lot of time doing community service and working around the school and the library.

Starting at an early age I realized that I have a passion for learning, beginning in Kindergarten, at Englewood On the Palisades a Charter School. My teacher, asked me could I spell, write my name, she also wanted me to recite my ABC’s and count to 10. I replied yes I can. As I begin to respond to her request I counted to one hundred without any hesitation. The teacher was amazed. I remained there until the 1st grade. met and made a lot of friends in part to the smaller class sizes, and we have remained friends to this day.

My parent’s decided to enroll me into a Catholic School thinking that this would enhance my learning ability due to more of a variety and religious experience. This particular school has received such high praises regarding education and religious experience. I attended The Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, in Tenafly, New Jersey, from 2nd grade through 5th grade. I told my parents that I enjoyed learning various subjects and the educational experience. I had made more friends, played on the girl’s soccer team, join the stock market club and the choir. Also I wrote and published a poem (Brilliance, 2008 Poetry Collection pg.58). My thirst for knowledge…

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