Importance Of Our Lady Of Angels School

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I remember my eighth grade year at Our Lady of Angels School quite warmly. The sense of community, the anticipation of graduating, and our upbeat classroom spirit are the first things I think of when I look back on my experiences there. Our eighth grade classroom may not look any different from standard classrooms; one wall displays a brilliantly bright whiteboard, the other holds windows which peer down onto the playground below, and various memos, posters, and particularly good assignments cover the remaining white walls. Outside, the bright afternoon sunlight glistens upon a square courtyard containing our lockers, lunch tables, and statue of Mary. However standard my classroom may seem, it is there that I felt a sense of comfort as I did …show more content…
At OLA, I was a somewhat confident speaker, speaking at events often. From a young age, I was taught how to speak in front of a crowd. As a student, I was required to lead the school in prayer at least once a year, and as the Religious Affairs commissioner, I reminded the school body of various charities everyday. When I ran for Student Body VP, I gave a speech in front of the whole student body. I even got an award at OLA’s first ever speech contest! Although my nerves always suffocated me before I spoke, they never translated into my speech. My heartbeat drummed loud and clear in my ears, but I was the only one who could hear it. That all changed one day in my eighth grade classroom. Then, something strange happened. My voice began to tremble and quiver. I laughed and coughed, doing anything to try to return my voice to its normal state, but it refused to cooperate. My heartbeat got faster and louder, pounding in my ears. This had never happened before. What is going on?, I wondered. I became paranoid that my breathing wouldn’t be right, or I would mispronounce something, or I would stutter, and my nerves began to translate into my speech. In an ironic twist of fate, the same location that had helped me develop a strong, rock-solid speaking voice also made my voice crumble into dust. My stress to maintain good grades and a good reputation had covertly crept its way into my voice. Now, I was not only focused on obtaining good grades, but also on speaking well. If I made a mistake, I felt like I risked maintaining my reputation, for my peers would see that I was not great at every skill we learned at school. Sadly, my fear of botching my presentation finally caused my voice to break and my confidence to decrease, and I have not been able to regain this confidence back

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