I Am A Woman Of The Twenty First Century Essays

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I am a woman of the twenty-first century with deep roots in tradition, hard work, southern way and the mentality of a strong man. I have never felt like an outcast from any social class, nor the opposite sex. I was raised to be a strong, determined woman who does not have to rely on anyone, this is a strange concept in 2015 nonetheless I came from a strict and conservative family. I have been given the chance to express and change my roles in time, I have been able to beat most men at many tasks and nothing makes me happier than to evince a man or a woman for that matter wrong. Many people would say damn my stubbornness and my pride, however I am trapped in the smoking heart of a woman in a man’s world, furthermore, I take advantage of what life has to offer conceiving that my gender and sexuality is not what defies me, rather it is my heart, knowledge, hard work, strength and perseverance.
Impact of being a Woman
The impact of my sexuality and gender has had an astounding impact in my life, I do not feel as though I have been held back by class, race or even gender. Being a female child sexuality never crossed my mind and I never dreamed of being a princess or ballerina like most girls, rather I desired to be president, work on cars, fight in the UFC, I was not a typical little girl. After I hit the age of becoming a young woman I realized the best way to navigate through the world is to be far superior to the boys, I studied harder, played my guitar better, I learned…

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