Essay on I Am A White Man Who Comes From A Family

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A stranger to me would be a White man who comes from a family that has lived in the United States since the industrial revolution, and identities himself as gay. I am a Hispanic woman who comes from a family that immigrated to the United States less than three decades ago. I consider myself heterosexual, so this man would be the complete opposite of me.
“Living a life were I was mostly trying to fit in and giving myself reasons to think that what I was feeling was not good, made me feel so insecure and unable to open my self to anyone”. This quote is from my personal interview that I had with one of my friend’s friend named Bretsen C. He has spent a lot of years hiding his true self by acting heterosexual all through his teenage years. He came out about three years ago. I also had the great opportunity to interview one of my past teachers from High School. He would rather not give out his name, but he talked to me about his personal experiences and how he came out to his parents. He said that it was really hard for him to accept himself, and it was even harder for him to tell his family. He did tell me that he went through a dark phase. He almost committed suicide. I watched a movie titled “ The Surface” by Michael J. Saul. It is a fictional story about a gay Caucasian man who falls in love with a man who is much older than him. The main character’s background story is that he has no family and spent most of his childhood in many foster homes. Most of the movie is just…

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