The Media's Influence On Homosexual Men

For the past thirty years the diseases HIV and Aids have been put in the media in negative point of view, this has changed people’s perception on these diseases. The media has helped produce a negative outlook on homosexuals and disease HIV/AIDS, such as saying that homosexuals created these diseases or labeling these diseases as ‘gay cancer”. More than 1.1 million people have been diagnosed with the disease HIV, Homosexual or bisexual men are the ones who have been affected the most by the diseases HIV and AIDS. In the year of 2010 there were 15,529 reported cases of the disease HIV. The media has put a negative association with these diseases for a very long and that’s not right. Anyone can get these diseases, it’s not just a
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and bisexual men have been implicated in perpetuating not only the HIV epidemic. Homophobia has been associated with the development of HIV and AIDs since the 80’s.
This spread of homophobia affected families, school, places of work and community settings.
Unlike other groups homosexual males have a harder time with family after letting them know, this causes a social issue in between the families. demonstrated that gay and bisexual men with histories of childhood sexual abuse were more likely to report both unprotected anal intercourse, to derive fewer benefits from participation in prevention programs, and to be at an overall greater risk for HIV infection. This has help spread the HIV virus and even though homosexual males

are the most likely to get HIV and AIDs this does not defend the media putting a negative influence on the public’s decisions on the official cause of AIDS. Many homosexuals have died of aids but it has affected many heterosexual people as well. In New York at CHIBPS they documented the risks of young homosexual and bisexual men ages thirteen through twenty nine.
They spoke with them about homophobia and how they deal
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the media helped push this by using headlines such as "“Gay plague may lead to blood ban on homosexuals” this helped create the negative outlook on homosexual males this also help demonize and discriminate against them. In 1980s a report said that homophobic acts of violence heighten, this is directly related to the rumors of the Aids epidemic.

Homosexual men were demonized and mistreated by people who believe that it was their fault. Even though the disease isn’t solely within homosexuals anymore there still a negative stigma.
This disease has affected a lot people but the one that is mostly affected is homosexual males.
They showed the rallies that people had to try and heighten HIV/AIDs study and research but a couple of them turned into riots which helped people put a negative outlook on the homosexuals and aids rights activists.

There were a lot of Aids rights artist that had amazing works that were shown in the media. Keith haring had AIDs and he had many pro gay art works that sparked peoples interest but however also enraged some people. Few people know that artist created a different

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