Gay Bisexual Discrimination

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Times have changed, we are living in a more liberal world. Where for society is more common to see same sex couple, where same sex marriage are allowed, where laws protect people with different sexual orientation. Even in these times people with different sexual orientation are afraid to show their identity as lesbian,gay, bisexual, transgender for fear of suffering some kind of abuse by society. We are living in a society where discrimination,bullying, physical abuse sometimes could be a problem for people with different sexual orientation since some of them could be victim of it. In many cases we have seen that people with different sexual orientation as lesbian, gay have suffered some kind of discrimination and for that reason …show more content…
These people, nowadays have more freedom of expression, in the way they dress up , the way they are disclosed to society but still like this they are afraid that the society know them as gays people. In the article "Coming-out issues for adult lesbians: a group intervention." by Morrow, Deana F In her article she talks about the stages that people with different sexual orientation go through to build their identity and let the fear behind them. According to Morrow she states “ Those who invest themselves in keeping their sexual orientation a secret expend significant emotional energy to hide a central aspect of their identity.” In others words, Morrow believes that these people do this to feel good to themselves, but the only thing they achieve it is expend their time, and energies, energies that they need in order to build their identity in a society full of prejudices besides that they have the reason why in which they do this. When these people decided to come out of the closet they have fears like if society will accept them if they may suffer some kind of abuse by society even if they family would accept them. According to Morrow “ Coming out can be defined as acknowledging one 's sexual orientation to self and others. Such disclosure is an ongoing, lifelong process rather than a one-time event.” Morrow’s point is that if a person discloses their sexual orientation can make known those of others also so it can be released of pressure created by hiding their identities . After all these people eventually reach a stage where they are able to be who they really are but it may take some time and effort on their part. In the video clip “ Your behavior create your gender “ by Judith Butler states” no one is really gender from the start" Basically Butler is saying

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