Essay about I Am A Student For Concealed Firearms On Campus

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Many people can admit we’re currently living in a very deadly era. Violence, abuse, and robberies are just a few things we all try to avoid. When danger approaches, most people call for help and expect the police department to arrive in a timely matter to handle everything. A typical school shooting lasts less than three minutes. If police can’t be there quickly enough, don’t forget you have the right to protect yourself. Face to face with a madman and his gun, the last thing we want is to be left defenseless. This is why I am a student for concealed firearms on campus. I believe the most efficient defense against an out-of-control triggerman on campus is other armed students and professors who can shoot back and stop the carnage. School campuses are not places common people feel concerned enough to protect themselves with a gun. Learning that over 20 of the deadliest mass shootings in the United States have taken place on school grounds, has changed my mind. In Texas alone, eight school shootings have occurred just after 1990.
On August 1st, 1966 Charles Whitman opened fire on 43 people while standing on top of the UT Tower. Ironically, on the 50th anniversary of the UT Tower massacre, Texas will pass a new campus carry law. The new Texas law will permit people who have obtained a concealed handgun license to carry loaded, concealed firearms in college buildings. Each university in Texas will be able to determine if they want to have sensitive areas, or buildings where…

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