I Am A Resident Of Yellowknife Nwt Essays

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My name is Benjamen Debogorski I am a resident of Yellowknife NWT. I have ten siblings and fourteen nephews and nieces, whom were all born in the NWT. I love my family and my home, they are both truly one of a kind. I am committed to the north and my community. Yellowknife is where my entire heritage is and it is where I would like to raise a family of my own. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be close to my family and friends. In my opinion Yellowknife has more incentives then most southern cities do. It only takes one hour to walk to one end of the city to the other and I enjoy this accessibility. It has this sense of home where you know there is no other place quite like it. The long summer days and the long winter nights add an attribute of contrast that makes it more interesting than the south. The spectacular northern lights are an additional characteristic that gives Yellowknife a special touch. When I am away at college I get excited to talk about my home Yellowknife, my stories never fail to fascinate.
Seeing my fellow Yellowknifers live and prosper gives me a distinctive feeling of satisfaction. I like to contribute what I can to my community. I have volunteered in various learning activities such as teaching children how to play broomball at the Yellowknife arena or participating in youth wrestling events. Wrestling and broomball are struggling in Yellowknife and I would hate to see kids miss the opportunity to compete in both of these remarkable sports. I…

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