I Am A Physician Who Has The Most Honest And Good People Essay

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Oh, how life can be so uncomfortable with the most honest and good people. I am a physician who has a wife and baby boy. My wife is mentally ill; she always has a nervous break downs. I have brought her into the house away from any type of community. She always had a nervous break downs, which are not able to handle herself. I try to be strong for her but at times when I do not about her, I cry, which is not able to handle what has happened to her. Her brother is also a physician and agrees with me about his sister 's illness. Also agree 'that will keep her away from the crowd is the best way for her to get better. She always asked what we are here, where is her baby all the time and I tell her it 's going to be okay and she needs to rest. I do not know how long it would take for her to get better but hopefully she will be better soon. My sister is at home helping with my wife 's needs. My sister never complains and I am grateful for her help. I have hired a nurse to look after the baby; she is not an amazing job. I went every day to see the baby, to see how they are doing, and so far it seems fine. It 's just too bad that his mother was not well enough to raise them herself. I go to my wife 's room once or twice a day, sometimes more, but she does not look like she 's getting any better. I try to do what I can for her but it seems like it just is not enough. I went up to her room one day and talked to her for a while. "Hello, honey." I said,…

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