I Am A Little Girl Essays

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My years when I was just a little girl were one of the best. Whenever I would go to my grandma’s house we would always play games such as dominos, scrabble, or card games. Card games and board games were always my favorite and I would love to beat anyone who thought they were better. One of my favorite games to play was baseball, we would go into my grandma’s living room and a take a deflated ball (representing the baseball) and hit it with our hands to create the bat. Then someone would pitch and we would create bases made out of chairs couches, pillows, or the wall. We would keep track of our points and whoever got the most points won the game. My grandma would make popcorn for us and my dog loves popcorn so when my parents and grandma weren’t looking I would talk five pieces and shove my hand full of popcorn into my dog’s mouth and block her while she ate. The funny thing is I never got into trouble and no one ever caught me. It was very hard to move schools when I was in elementary school. In kindergarten and first grade I went to Saint Albert. My parents decided that we needed to go to a different school. I was sad at first because I would miss my friends and I only knew a few people from the new school I was going to, Lewis Central. Although, it didn’t help that these two schools were rivals I needed to make more friends all by myself and that worried me. I was very nervous walking into the classroom and making friends with other people. I still remember going into…

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