I Am A Licensed Practical Nurse Pursuing Essay

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I am a licensed practical nurse pursuing an RN degree and I believe that I am highly motivated by the patient care career that I am pursuing and my future career in nursing. Based from the analysis of the Engle, Graney & Chan, (2001, p. 405) work, I further believe that as a practicing nurse, I am in a better position to understand clearly the various fields that I can specialize based on the in-depth experience that I have gained throughout the years. Further, I have been able to identify the potential field that I require additional knowledge in order to perfect my skills and skills. The essay seeks to analyze, how patient care that I am currently offering to patients has influenced my career and my general decision to enhance my education. I decide to pursue a degree in RN simply because I believe this field offers diverse knowledge and skills that are relevant to the modern day situation which is more diverse compared to LPN. In addition to this, I am now able to understand that LPN scope in nursing is significantly limited compared to RN. Based on this great difference, I decided to pursue RN with an aim to enhance my nursing care skills offered to various patients. According to Al-Saleh (2002, p. 12), it is evident that RN is greatly crucial to aid potential practicing nurses to be able to administer and offer a safer and a more patient –centered nursing care to various. Through learning RN, I am now able to safely administer a patient-centered care to all patients…

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